Efficient legal outsourcing

We provide efficient solutions for managing one-off legal projects and routine legal documents for large organisations

Full project management

Each solution we provide is fully project managed by your team at Avantia Law. We combine expertise in process management with best in class lawyers and technology to deliver excellence at scale.

Best in class lawyers

We are selective about who we hire. All of our lawyers are former associates at top tier City law firms who we often recruit directly.

We have a rigorous recruitment process. Our lawyers have significant relevant experience and come with great references from their former City firms.


We used state of the art and secure technology to manage process. Our technology platform also provides real time access for our clients to their legal documents and up to date information on any project or task.

How can we help?

We work with clients on a wide range of documents

Non-disclosure Agreements

Engagement Letters

Non-reliance Letters

Contract Summaries

Terms of Business

Venture Financing

Subscription Agreements

Transaction KYC

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