Flexible working

We offer flexible, remote working for City trained lawyers looking to fit their legal practice around their lifestyle

Competitive remuneration with no billable hours
Work remotely and pick the hours that best suit your lifestyle
Opportunities to meet Avantia lawyers and share resource
Access to great clients and opportunities to grow your network
Interesting legal work that you can manage by yourself
Full administrative and compliance support from Avantia Law

“Working with Avantia gives me the best of both worlds. I can continue to work in the law and provide a top quality service to high profile clients, whilst also having the freedom and flexibility to live in rural Devon and enjoy the great outdoors with my young family.

I even run an interior design studio on the side - something that satisfies my creative and entrepreneurial streak."

Lauren Giblin, ex-Freshfields Finance Lawyer
  • Work From Anywhere

    “I thought moving to a remote Scottish Highland location was the end of my legal career until I met James and Katherine. Avantia Law has given me the flexibility to pursue my life choices, whilst capitalising on my years in the law. It really is the perfect balance.”

    Avantia Lawyer, 8 PQE, ex Clifford Chance

  • Fits With Your Lifestyle

    “I took a break from a successful City career to spend more time with my two young children. When I returned to practice, I found that I needed more flexibility than the traditional law firms were able to provide. Avantia Law worked with me to structure my practice around my family commitments.”

    Avantia Lawyer, 6 PQE, ex Slaughter and May

  • Combine Law With Other Projects

    "I have always wanted to start my own business, pursuing something outside of law that I am passionate about. With Avantia Law, I can continue practising law part time to provide an income stream whilst my new venture gets off the ground.”

    Avantia Lawyer, 5 PQE, ex Ashurst

  1. Work From Anywhere
  2. Fits With Your Lifestyle
  3. Combine Law With Other Projects

If you have at least 3 years’ experience at a top City law firm in corporate, finance, property or litigation, we’d love to hear from you.

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